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Weekend update


Alex spent the weekend rock climbing, sightseeing, and singing Karaoke!

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Alex’s update from China July 28

In the morning, I attended a meeting with all the doctors to discuss interesting cases.  It was a bit different than the type of meetings I am used to in the United States, where the resident presents a case and the attending doctors grill him with questions.  Following the meeting, I spent the rest of my day following the chair of the OB/GYN department, Dr. Afnan.  He was a soft-spoken, but very friendly doctor from the UK.  We spent our time seeing patients who had a variety of issues ranging from twins, to mother-baby blood type mismatching, and miscarriage.  I still have yet to witness a live birth.

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Alex in China July 27

I woke up extremely early (one night is not enough to get over jet-lag), around 5 AM.  We arrived at the hospital around 8:00 AM.  I was immediately introduced to the ER attending on duty that day.  Dr. Pasanante, from Chicago, came over for the thrill of being in a different country.  I spent my morning with a pediatrician, Dr. Owen Yang, who graciously allowed me to follow him to patient rooms.  I was really excited to hear about and see the baby that they had from a foundation that sponsored the baby’s surgeries to repair her imperforate anus.  She was recovering from the final step of the operation, the colostomy closure.   It was really nice to spend time with Dr. Yang because of how open he was to answering my questions about Chinese healthcare.

In the afternoon, I went back down to the ER and spent time with Dr. Pasanante.  I was surprised that there was another intern, Melanie, from the United States, spending time in the ER.  Melanie is from Columbia University and has been here since May.  She’s been doing research at Peking University on Mondays and Tuesdays, then coming to the hospital for the rest of the week.  Unlike most ERs that I’ve spent time in, this hospital’s ER was fairly slow.  This might be due to the fact that the hospital is private, and many of the patients are expatriates, westerners, or the more well-to-do population in Beijing.   Spending time with Dr. Pasanante was a great because we got to talk about his non-stereotypical journey into medicine.  He explained to us that he had originally done his undergraduate work in business and then decided after he had graduated to pursue medicine.

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Adrienne Update

Adrienne has been rushed to the hospital with an intestinal obstruction.   She is feeling better now, but the situation remains serious.  If she is well enough, she will go to her specialist in Shanghai tomorrow.

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Alex’s Trip to China


Alex is currently in China.  With the help of Dr. Jernejcic, Alex will have many great opportunities to learn about medical care in China and what can be done to help the children born with colorectal malformations.  Following is Alex’s first update.


Tuesday, July 26:  After a three day battle against weather related cancellations and delays, I finally got to China in one piece; however, my checked luggage did not accompany me on the trip over.  I was instantly reminded of how crowded and crazy the city of Beijing can be by the taxi driver darting in and out of traffic with no hesitation to honk at and nearly scrape a shuttle bus ten times our size.  I arrived somewhat late at Dr. Jernejcic’s apartment, where I was greeted by his precocious daughter and niece, along with the grandparents, and his wife.  Dr. Jernejcic and I ate leftovers from their dinner, which was an array of Chinese vegetables, and afterwards, I crashed eager to start at the hospital the next day.

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Max needs additional sponsors

Max needs additional sponsors for his care before and after the surgeries he requires to correct his colorectal malformation.   Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated!

Click here to help Max!

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Candace has a family!

Our second sponsor child, Candace, has been adopted!

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Introducing Adrienne

 Beautiful Adrienne is another recent arrival to the Heartbridge Healing Home.  We are proud to sponsor Adrienne as she receives the care she needs to recover from megacolon surgery.

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Meet Anthony

Anthony has recently arrived at the Heartbridge Healing Home after surgery for his colorectal malformation.  We are happy to help sponsor Anthony as he receives the extra attention and care he needs to recover.

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