Alex’s update from China – August 18 and 19

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August 18

There were several cases that were set for today, however, because the physical therapy team had had such great results while working with the kids, the team decided to forego the operations in hopes that physical therapy will be enough.  One of the kids that was set to have an operation had severe Arthrogryposis of virtually all his joints, which left him immobile and in pain.  Luckily, the wheelchair and exercises that the team had been using helped improve his condition.  The training of the nurses and caretakers in physical therapy is crucial for the future success of the kids. 

Unfortunately, this was Dr. Martin and my last night at Maria’s Big House of Hope.  We went to dinner with the group at Pizza Hut, of all places!  In China, Pizza Hut is a fairly nice sit-down restaurant.  After dinner, Dr. Martin said his goodbyes (I had plans to see the group the next day in Beijing at the Great Wall) and we headed off to the airport to return to Beijing. 

August 19

I met up with the group from Maria’s to see the Great Wall.  It was so much fun to see the wall and hang out for one last time.  The amazing part about this section of the Great Wall was the toboggan sleds/cars you could take down from the top to the bottom.  It was a lot of fun to ride them like some sort of Olympic event.  After most of us had climbed to the top and got back down, I said my goodbyes to the many wonderful people I had met.

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