Looking for a Family for Thomas

Thomas and Alex

Thomas and Alex

Please take a look at Alex’s guest post for Love Without Boundaries.

Click here to read a great post about the adoption of older children.

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Brody Update

Brody continues to do well after his surgeries!

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Meet Tyson

Tyson1-280-280-crop Adorable Tyson has had a successful first surgery.   He is receiving excellent care at the Heartbridge Healing Home while waiting for the next procedure he will need.


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Zachary Update


Zachary is doing well and gaining weight.  He is standing while holding on to his crib and should be walking soon!


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Welcome Back Brody!


Brody is back at the Heartbridge Healing Home after his surgeries.

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Zachary Update

ImageIn addition to his colorectal issues, Zachary has been battling some respiratory problems.  He is now rolling over and can even sit for a short time.  Despite all of his problems, Zachary is known for his smile.

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Meet Brody

 We are happy to sponsor Brody as he receives the care he needs following his surgery.  Unfortunately, he has had some complications with his colostomy and will be returning to the hospital for further treatment.  Brody needs additional sponsors.  If you would like to help sponsor Brody or make a one time donation, please click here.

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Meet Willow


We are happy to sponsor Willow as she recovers from her colorectal surgery at a Love Without Boundaries healing home.  

Love Without Boundaries has many children born with anal atresia at their healing homes that need sponsors.  If you would like to make a one time donation or sponsor one of these children, please click here.

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Max’s Surgery

Max and Alex

Max had surgery for his colorectal malformation at Maria’s Big House of Hope.   The surgery went well and Max is doing great!


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Jeffrey’s Surgery Has Been Funded!

We just received the news that Jeffrey’s surgery has been fully funded.  There are many children that need funds for surgeries.  If you know of an organization that would be interested in helping, please pass on the link below.


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